Welcome to Emerald Creek Winery!
Emerald Creek Winery is located in Warner Springs on the North slope of Palomar Mountain of San Diego County. The elevation at the winery is at 2,400 ft. from sea level. This area has a unique micro-weather system. The weather at this elevation from April to October is ideal for grape growing. Daytime temperatures are warm and nighttime temperatures are cool. The soil is made from mainly decomposed granite ideal for grapes.
At Emerald Creek Winery, we are committed to creating award-winning wines.
These awards are a true testament that we grow good quality grapes at Emerald Creek Winery. Our terroir speak for itself.
Currently, Emerald Creek Winery is servicing 40+ wineries quality grapes, shiners, and bulk wine.
For more information please contact our Wine Maker, Renato Sais, at Renato@emeraldcreekwinery.net or (951) 595-2869.